Golden retriever, dog walking bag
Golden Retriever on black fabric, black leather feel vinyl. This bag is perfect if you do not take too much out with you whilst walking. Comes with a handy poo bag dispenser and  treat pocket.  The main part of the bag has a pocket for your phone, enough space for your keys and cash.

Golden retriever, dog walking bag

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Golden retriever, on black fabric with black leather feel vinyl and black waterproof lining. The front printed panel is waterproof. Perfect for daily dog walks or training walks. There is enough room for two water bottles, a phone and keys.  Or you could use the main compartment of the bag for treats whilst training walking or agility. There is a clip, where you can attach a collapsible dog water bowl. handy for warmer days. The bag has a useful poo bag dispenser on the front. Hard wearing, waterproof fabric, throughout and  washable.  The bag can be worn as a cross body bag or a shoulder bag.  Comes in various waterproof fabrics.  Measurements for large bag are: Height :8 inches,  circumference approximately 15 inches. Measurements for the small bag are: 8 inches by 6 inches. Strap is approx. 55 inches long. Please note due to being a handmade product colours and size may vary.